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All of my package versions contain +debug now! How do I stop this?

By default, Theos favors the use of debug builds over release builds. Debug builds provide more information for debuggers, allow for debug logging with HBLogDebug(), and color the syslog, making your log(s) easier to spot in the sea of other messages.

To disable debug mode, pass DEBUG=0 as part of your command line to make. When you make a release build with FINALPACKAGE=1, debug will also be disabled (and the build number is also removed so your version number is cleaner).

Theos has opted to stop using this symlink by default because of a few reasons. First, there are a fair few “noisy” files dropped in the root of a project by standard Theos; this fork prefers to have as few of those as possible (and you may have noticed some are now stashed into the .theos directory). Second, this can be very different between developers and even between each of a developer’s devices as Theos can be located anywhere. It’s also easy to unintentionally commit this symlink to source control or not know that this shouldn’t be committed to source control.

Of course, this does mean you must set and export $THEOS in your environment. Do this in your shell’s profile or environment script (for instance ~/.bash_profile, or ~/.zshrc) to ensure it’s always set and you don’t have to worry about it. It might look like this:

export THEOS=/usr/local/theos

If this is undesirable, you can tell NIC to revert to symlinking theos:

$ echo 'link_theos = "1"' >> ~/.nicrc

See here for more details on .nicrc.

How do I use Swift in my projects?

This information has moved to the Swift page.